Encounter with Destiny

2015 Orientation

In Malaysia,
We have never met each other.

We met each other unexpectedly in Shanghai.

It must be fortune,
It must be destined for us to encounter each other.


Ice Breaking Game

Each person will get a playing card and form a team based on the corresponding number.
Each person meets with their partners with excitement. I think even probability theory can’t calculate the chance of them encountering each other. Only destiny draws our fate here.

After all the games are over, it’s time for the banquet!

We are honored to have Consul-General Mr Tan Yang Thai, Consul-General of Malaysia in Shanghai, to address us.

After a series of speeches and interactive sessions, it was finally time to have dinner and enjoy the performances.

October 6th was obviously an ordinary day, but it was a little different because of meeting you. I hope that in the future we will all spread our wings and fly in our respective ways, and look forward to seeing each other again in the future!

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