Before entering shanghai

Are you a student who just received an offer letter from a university in Shanghai,
but is still wondering about what to prepare before entering Shanghai?
Check out the blogs below for a clearer idea!

Visa Application
Application Centres
Body Check Up
Resident Permit

Common Apps

Daily Necessities
Prohibited Items
Packing Tips


We have also designed a checklist that is fully customizable for you! Click the button below and download it now!

All-in-one flow chart to follow

Before arrival in Shanghai

Receive official offer letter and JW201/JW202 form from your institution

Apply/Renew Passport (applicable for those who don’t have a passport, or expiry date is within 6 months)

Photocopy offer letter and  JW201/JW202 form

Take passport image (at least 6 images)

Apply Student Visa (X1/X2)

Arrange Body Check Up (Tung Shin Hospital, KL)

Create Bank of China account (if applicable)

Apply for student hostel / off-campus accommodation (if applicable)

Luggage packing

After arrival in Shanghai

(If you are NOT staying in your student hostel / local hotel) – go to the nearest police office within 24 hours to apply Temporary Residence Permit

Apply for local telecommunication service

Apply for local bank account

Apply for Health Certificate

Apply for Residence Permit at Shanghai Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Management Bureau (within 30 days of arrival) 

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