Lifestyle in Shanghai

1. Expenses

The currency in China is Chinese Yuan, (short form RMB, currency code CNY, symbol ¥). Although e-wallets like AliPay or WeChat Pay is more commonly used in China, it is the law of China that no people or units can refuse to accept paper notes or cents. The transfer rate of MYR to CNY is normally around 1 : 1.6, as recorded in 2021.

Table of expenses - Lifestyle

Table of expenses - Living in School Dormitory

Table of expenses - Living off-campus

If you are not staying in university hostel / local hotel upon arrival in China, you should immediately go to the nearest police office to apply the Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors within 24 hours of staying at such non-registered place (a relative’s house, a rented room outside campus, etc).

Document Preparation

  1. Original passport with a student visa
  2. Original Rental Contract (if you’re staying at a rented place)
  3. Copy of the landlord’s ID card
  4. Copy of the landlord’s certificate of Real Estate Ownership

A fine of 100 yuan to at most 500 yuan might be charged if the application is not done. Learn more here.

2. Common Apps

Social Media

  1. WeChat
  2. QQ
  3. Weibo

Food Delivery

  1. E Le Me
  2. MeiTuan


  1. Taobao
  2. T Mall
  3. Pin Duo Duo


  1. Baidu Map
  2. GaoDe Map


  1. DaZhong Dian Ping
  2. RED (XiaoHongShu)


  1. Alipay
  2. Didi Taxi