Ode to Joy

2016 Christmas Home Party

While being far away from Malaysia, Christmas seemed like another normal day that we cannot celebrate like how we used to when we were back in our home with our family. It was just another ordinary day with packed assignments and workload. 

Then we thought, why don’t we rent a place and gather all our members together to celebrate this jolly festival?

Hence, on 18 December 2016 in a villa near MeiLan lake, 35 of us, a home party was started under carols and laughter.

After a little decoration and preparation, the members are welcomed in to join the event.

Our team has also prepared dinner for all the members – to make everyone feel more like home, a variety of Malaysian cuisine was chosen as the perfect dinner.

And of course, the gift exchanging event that everyone has been waiting for – numbers on the papers that led to their secret santa, the gifts that everyone prepared linked them to someone that they might not have known, yet now with a special meaning given.

Christmas couldn’t be any more perfect without a little surprise – our team had secretly prepared surprise gifts for 10 lucky angels that joined the event by picking 10 new year resolutions that the participants wrote down at the beginning of the event.

Our motive was always simple – we wish to link more Malaysian students together despite being at a foreign place. We hope that we succeeded in achieving this aim through the planning of this Christmas home party. 

This is the last event of the year, but definitely not the end of our fate.
Let’s meet again in our future events!

This is a refined blog of the event.
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