East-China Malaysians Gathering

On April 16, the directors gathered at the Malaysian Consulate General in Shanghai and confirmed all the activities, busy with the packaging of small gifts, food placement and venue layout.

After all the students from Zhejiang University, Suzhou and Nanjing arrived, they gathered all the students to communicate in the conference hall of the consulate.

We are also honoured to invite Dr Mohd Rozi, Education Counselor and Director of the Education Division of the Malaysian Embassy in China, to communicate with us! He also shared with us many plans on Malaysia’s education blueprint.

Although everyone is from different places, we gather here because of this event. I think there is nothing more fortunate than this.

To borrow a word from our student union consultant,

“Think positive, Act positive, Strive for the best!”

I hope that after this gathering, we are all moving forward bravely on our paths and getting better and better!

“It was a great start to have this kind of event as a platform to simply interact and mingle around with Malaysians in China.
Grateful we made it and looking forward for more from MSAS!”

– Balqish, MSAS, 26 Apr 2016

“Hi, my name is Shaun and I’m the president of MSAZU, Hangzhou. The luncheon and gathering I attended in Shanghai was amazing. I was more than happy to meet other Malaysian studying in China because now I have free accommodation when I travel in China. Jokes aside, it was an unbelievable event because I got the chance to meet the General Consulate of Malaysia in Shanghai, Mr. Tan and Dr. Mohd Rozi, a Director of Education Malaysia Beijing. This was a great event and I along with my committee members will definitely join the next gathering.”

– Yu Shaun, MSAZU, 26 Apr 2016

“Fate is an intriguing thing, it appears at the most unexpected time that you can’t seem to ignore it, like us, a group of Malaysian students who have not met each other in Malaysia, but met in the end in Shanghai. On April 16, it was an unforgettable and happy day on Saturday. I will never forget every Malaysian friend that I met there, the interaction with the Malaysian Consulate in Shanghai, and the warm hospitality of the MSAS. I learned a lot from this activity – realizing that the cohesion of Malaysian students in various regions and the ability to handle various things, learning how to get in touch with the Malaysian consulate, and appreciating the friendliness and enthusiasm of Malaysians. Thank you very much for the invitation of the MSAS, which has been the greatest help for linking all of us together. I hope that we can continue to keep in touch in the future, so that this fate will continue to long for a very long time.”

– Jerry Eng, SuZhou Malaysian Representative, 26 Apr 2016


“There were a few areas to improve but overall impression was good. Too bad about the weather though. It was a great experience for us to take the subway instead of the bus because now I know where to go if next time I go to Shanghai. The food taste great.”

– Rafhanah, SuZhou Malaysian Representative, 26 Apr 2016

“This event has taught me what the embassy means to Malaysian citizens living in a foreign country. Through the interaction with embassy officials, troublesome issues such as passport application procedures, voter registration, event bidding and more were given clear instructions.
I have also benefited a lot from the exchanges with members of the students from Suzhou, Zhejiang and MSAS. Although we have not met in Malaysia before, but when we met in China, it seems that there was no barrier at all. We laughed together and spent a very joyful time together. All these are thanks to the organizer’s hard work!!
The only regret is that the students from Nanjing were unable to attend due to various reasons, and could only send three representatives to attend. Although separated from each other, the friendship will last forever, looking forward to the next meeting!!”

– Huan, Vice President of MSAN, 26 Apr 2016

“Thank you very much for the warm hospitality of the MSAS for making me feel like I am at home to join a family gathering~ The lunch was really delicious!! It felt really relaxed to be with a large group of Malaysians for such a long time ~ the ease of talking ~ the essence of bahasa rojak! I am really glad that I participated in this event, and met a lot of interesting people, hope that there will be another time! You can really do more of this kind of inter-provincial activities~(*^o^*) You can also do it in Malaysia~ =P Goodbye! !!”

– Sherene, Ex Vice President of MSAN, 26 Apr 2016

“Thank you to everyone who has joined this event.
We hope to gather everyone again soon!”

– MSAS, 26 Apr 2016

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