Christmas Gift exchange event

AMSIB x AMSISX x msahn x msas

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way~

The Christmas gift exchange event has come to an end! A total of 54 people participated in this event and 27 pairs were successfully matched.

Thank you to all the students who participated in the gift exchange event!

The Matching Event has ended successfully.

It is to believe that through a series of activities, many of us has gained mutual interest and hence expand our circle of friendship!

Now, let’s follow me to review the wonderful moments~

Game Session

The most important thing in playing games is to be happy! Of course…rules always comes first~

In order to let participants know each other better, the first part is to introduce ourself!

Everyone also shared the gifts they received, including glasses, perfumes, etc.~

(PS: I think it is very heart warming to receive a gift from someone you have never met before)


I believe it must be the childhood game for most people~ However, the rules are somewhat different. 

Participants need to choose one of the 20 numbers provided on the screen and answer the hidden questions to pass! All the questions are very interesting and everyone’s answers are unique.

It seems that not only everyone has a good looking face, but also an interesting soul!

Who says you have to face to face to hunt for treasures? You’ll pass the game as long as you look for relevant items according to the clues provided by the host.

The way you all look for things and tell stories are very cute! I hope I have another chance to get to know you all~

Wish Making Session

I heard that all the wishes made during Christmas will come true!

Writing down wishes is a kind of expectation and hope for the future , and it also indicates a new beginning. (A kind reminder from the editor: Be sure to make a wish in this warm, lively and loving day~)


Closing Ceremony

Christmas makes the end of each year romantic. I feel grateful and warmth to meet you all online. For all endings meant for the beginning of a new chapter. 

See you next time!

Gift Exchange

Exchange gift for a warmth Christmas day. I believe that when you send warmth to each other, you also reaped a small happiness in exchange. I hope everyone who received the gift is happy, safe and healthy. I believe we will meet each other in the near future.

Here are the gifts everyone received!

Association of Malaysian Students in Beijing (AMSIB)

Association of Malaysian Students in Shaanxi  (AMSISX)
Malaysians Students Association in Henan (MSAHN)
Malaysian Students Association in Shanghai (MSAS)

Event Duration:
10 Dec 2021 – 19 Dec 2021

Malaysian students studying in Beijing, Shaanxi, Henan and Shanghai

“At this Christmas time, Wishes you endless happiness every year. 

All gifts and surprises come from people who love you. Merry Christmas!”


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