Application Procedures for Foreigners
to Work in China

On 1st April 2017, China implemented the “Foreigner’s Work Permit” (FWP), which is a work visa that allows foreigners to work legally in China.

Application materials:


1.     Application Form for Foreigner’s Work Permit

2.     Work qualification certificate

3.     Certificate of physical examination (not required during the validity period of the residence permit)

4.     Employment Contract, Company Approval Certificate, or Record Certification Copy

5.     Passport

6.     Valid visa or valid residence permit

7.     Certificate of the highest degree (academic qualification) or professional qualification

8.     Certificate of Good Conduct

9.     *Note: In accordance with international practice, the application materials for foreigners to work in China (certificate of highest degree (academic qualification) or related approval documents, professional qualification certificate, or certificate of good conduct) require consular certification. Consular certification is the same as obtaining a “visa” for documents that will be sent to other countries for use.

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