Shanghai Meets Kuala Lumpur

2015 MAPROC Carnival

It was near the end of summer in 2015, when Malaysians gathered in SOHO FuXing Square in Shanghai in order with full festive and cultural vibes despite the hot weather. It was a carnival launched by the Malaysian Association in the People’s Republic of China (MAPROC), themed “When Shanghai meets Kuala Lumpur”. 

Our members joined the carnival with full enthusiasm, some volunteered to help for the preparation, while some performed on stage with their choice of traditional clothes – Kebaya, Sari, Sinuangga and more. A few people helped out with preparing Malaysian dishes too!

This summer, because of the encounter with each other, we were able to treasure an irreplaceable memory inside our heart. Although the weather was hot, although we have never met each other, we were still able to feel like home at the moment we heard each other speaking the Bahasa Rojak that only us Malaysians can understand. Perhaps it is destiny that led us together, we hope to link more people together in future events!

This is a refined blog of the event.
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