Online Seminar: Internship and Employment Sharing


On 19th November 2021, MSAS and MIF invited five professionals and seniors with different backgrounds to share their job and internship experiences with our members.

Moreover, we have compiled all the key takeaways for you to refer to.

Let’s have a look! 

William Leong

Professional Experience: A qualified FCCA (UK) with more than 20 years of experience in China.

Career Overview: Founder and managing partner of Wilson Partners, an integrated accountancy firm, co-founder of MayCham China Shanghai Chapter.

He has served 9 years as the Head of China Business Department for a Big-8 Hong Kong CPA firm, carrying out assignments involving a wide range of services, including audits, IPO due diligence, internal audits, tax advisory, investment entry advisory, and corporate finance advisory.


Development of Accounting and Financial Industry in China

The first batch of early accounting firms in China have undergone decoupling and restructuring in order to be able to integrate with international standards. According to international practice, many enterprises require the certification of accountants. Therefore, the demand for certified public accountants has grown, and accounting firms have continued to spring up, but the quality varies greatly.

According to China’s national conditions, the current market-oriented reforms have continued to deepen, and China’s accounting industry is also facing many challenges.


Employment opportunities and conditions for Malaysian students in this field in China

Different companies have different requirements for accounting and financial personnel. Considering that data processing-related work may be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, it is recommended that Malaysian students develop more in financial operations rather than in audit. In order to achieve better development, CFO nowadays must master cross-disciplinary knowledge, such as business management, information technology (IT), and so on.

Pay attention to the accumulation of experience, knowledge, and network resources. It is recommended that Malaysian students work in well-known firms in China for at least four or five years before considering whether to start their own business.

If international students want to work in China after graduation, they must be aware of the laws and regulations governing the requirements for employment certificates in different provinces. For example, having a bachelor’s degree or higher is required if a foreigner wishes to apply for an employment permit in Shanghai.

The benefits of speaking multiple languages.

Maintain a positive mental attitude, be willing to endure hardships, be unafraid of suffering, and seize the opportunity.


Choong Siew Meng

Career Overview: Currently owns Shanghai Winco Electrical Co Ltd, focusing mainly on Industrial Automation and System Integration with design, fabrication and commisioning.

Besides, he is one of the co-founder of MARPOC in Shanghai, who is also the co-founder, chairman of Maycham China Shanghai Chapter (2005-2010).


Development of Electrical, Engineering and Industrial Automation Industry in China

Through the widespread application of electronic information technology, the industrial production process has been automated. China has now entered the stage of Industry 4.0.

Mr. Choong believes that China’s industry can develop quickly as a result of the Chinese government’s emphasis on scientific research and strengthening intellectual property protection to encourage independent research and development.


Competition in China in Industrial Engineering fields and employment opportunities for foreigners

Foreigners who want to work in China rely on “what ability or capital we have” to be admitted, and “what kind of competitive advantage we have” to contribute value to prefecture-level governments.

International students could pay more attention to the prefecture-level government’s policies for foreigners coming to China for employment.

Education, ability, and experience are important indicators for companies in China when recruiting talent. We can only seize every opportunity by constantly improving ourselves, possessing good stress resistance and adaptability, and knowing how to adapt to constant changes.

Encourage science and engineering students to become “purple collars” on their career development path, able to use both hands-on and brains (including familiarity with manufacturing processes, understanding of corresponding technical theories, hands-on skills, and management innovation skills, etc.).

China is developing rapidly and is the second largest economy in the world, with excellent development prospects. Mr.Choong encourages students who stay in China to learn more about the country’s development trends so that they can better integrate into local society.


Chong Ying Ying

Graduated from: Tsinghua University

Major: Biological Sciences

Internship Experience: Investment Analysis in Shanghai-based Baillie Gifford; Campus ambassador in Beijing Mercer.


  • Involved in voluntary teaching program in Guangxi and Sichuan
  • Participated in healthcare research in Hong Kong


Purpose of internship

  • Understand the career development prospects of your own department.
  • Understand your interests and expertise.
  • Broaden your horizons and understand your skills that you still lack.
  • Plan your academic or career paths in the future.
  • BONUS: If you have additional sources of income, you must understand your rights and interests.


Preparation for internship




Resume Writing Tips

To make it easier for HR to contact you, include your cell phone number, email address, and other contact information on your resume. It is recommended that you write on your WeChat ID if you are applying for an internship position at a Chinese company.

It’s best to avoid using a generic resume. It should be tailored to the requirements of the company or position for which you are applying. You can concentrate on demonstrating your advantages in various positions.

You can check the company’s LinkedIn and other platforms ahead of time to see if any resume-writing requirements have been posted (as shown in the pictures below).


Interview Skills

You should familiarise yourself with your resume before the interview, and you can also prepare for some common questions. Examples include “self-introduction,” “reasons for hiring you,” “strengths and weaknesses,” “reasons for considering our company to work for,” “where do you see yourself in five years,” and so on.

Pay attention to your attire and conversation style during the interview.

Be prepared to answer questions in both Chinese and English so that they are needed on a rainy day.


Loh Yit Choy

School: Fudan University

Major: Journalism

Internship Experience: Jiemian News Journalist Intern (Current); International Politics Scholars Publicity Intern; United Educating Sdn.Bhd Marketing Assistant


Internship Opportunities and Remote Internship Experience

Internships and job opportunities can be found through class groups, WeChat official accounts, interpersonal relationships, etc. Part-time internships can also be obtained through public welfare platforms to gain experience.

Different industries and companies have different background requirements for colleges and universities. What students can do is to build up their own advantages, enrich their resumes, and highlight their professional abilities.

Resumes and portfolios are important (especially in the media industry), and should be prepared as soon as possible.

The internship can be arranged according to your own academic situation and spare time, not only during the winter and summer holidays.

To protect your rights and interests, read the internship contract carefully.

Students should have the courage to apply for remote internships, submit resumes, be patient, and seize every interview opportunity.

Try to strike a balance between work and life while on a remote internship, and don’t disrupt your daily routine.


International Students’ Visa/Residence Permit Application Procedure for Off-Campus Internship

1.  For internships in China, foreign students must fill out an “Off-campus Internship Application Form”, but due to the unique circumstances of the epidemic, students can fill it out based on their own needs.

2. Applicants must complete and submit the “Application Form for Off-campus Internship for International Students” to respective faculties and apply for the Teaching Plan (with emphasis on contents of internship) from respective faculties. The Teaching Plan will be issued after the application has been reviewed and approved by respective faculties.

3. The “International Student’s Internship Agreement Form” should be signed and stamped by authorities of the internship company.

Applicants should submit the following documents to the ISO:

  • Application Form for Off-campus Internship for International Students, Teaching Plan provided by the respective faculties,
  • International Student’s Internship Agreement Form (signed and stamped by the internship company),
  • photocopies of the applicant’s passport (passport photo page)/the page containing the current valid visa/residence permit (if applicable).

4. ISO will submit all relevant application documents to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau for verification. International students can return to the ISO to inquire about their application after 10 working days. Following this, the ISO will issue the “Proof of Off-Campus Internship” and “Introduction Letter for Visa” to successful applicants.

5. Applicants should bring the following documents to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to update their visa/residence permit with their internship details. Including “Proof of Off-Campus Internship” issued by the ISO, “Introduction Letter for Visa” containing the applicant’s internship details, Passport, Registration slip of Accommodation.


Fiona Wang

Graduated from: East China Normal University, Harvard University

Major: Psychology (Undergraduate), MBA (Graduate)

Professional Experience:AMA Certified Speaker, CEIBS Certified facilitator. Has over 10 years of talent-training experience.

Career Overview:Currently a HRBP in ByteDance Ltd. Previously held positions including Asia Head of Talent, HRBP, Human Resources Manager in companies such as Kraft Heinz Company and Tektronix (A Fortive Company).


Corporate Culture of  China Multinational Companies

Diversity and compatibility, open working environment, and the courage to innovate. Colleagues from various nationalities and professions will work together on the same project.

Taking ByteDance as an example, it has a very young average age of its employees and a relatively flat organizational structure. With the vision of building a “global creation and communication platform,” it “stimulates creativity and enriches life”.


Prospects for Employment in Network and New Media

The network and new media majors have a wide range of employment prospects in China, and there are also many positions. For example, TikTok, Bilibili, and WeChat are platforms that can be considered.

Students should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, combine their interests and abilities to determine the best path for their development, and practise the ability to delay gratification.



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