Story about Chinese Education

ft. Mr. Bock Tai Hee

Bock Tai Hee, 74 years old, who claims to be the gardener of Malaysian Chinese Education. He has been telling great life stories about overseas chinese and overseas chinese education after his retirement from chinese education institution in 2006. He has served as teacher and principal of Malaysian Independent Chinese Middle School, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of Malaysian Chinese School Board of Directors, Secretary General of the Secretariat of Southeast Asian Chinese Teaching Seminar and published several books.

Mr. Bock shared his unique insights on the topic of Malaysian Chinese Education and revealed the problem that Malaysian Chinese Education is facing now. Besides that, Mr. Bock also mentioned about Mr. Lim Lian Geok’s educational philosophy of “colorfulness, coexistence and common prosperity”.

It also reflects that our Chinese education has deviated from the track. He mentioned that Malaysia’s diversified education has gradually become a unitized education which is a problem worthy of our reflection and discussion.

Mr. Bock pointed out that the current independent high school education system is still stuck in the past thinking mode. He believes that our education should keep pace with the times. With the changing times, we should constantly make adjustments to conform to the development of today’s society and students’ diverse thoughts. 

Thank you for your participation. We believe everyone who listens to the seminar will gain a lot. See you at the next event!

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